Location Rotation Curation

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It’s over!

52 weeks or one year is quite a long time. When we started our rotation curation project back in July 2012 we thought it would never end. The first curators were easily found and we had a big network of Bremen tweeps supporting us. But after nearly six months it got harder and harder to find and motivate new curators. It’s almost a wonder that throughout all this time our account’s been without a curator only once. The neverending and exhausting search for a new curator each week is the main reason for us to end this project after one year. Even though we had a lot of fun being admins of this account, time has come to look forward and spend more time with new projects.

So, what did we learn from @Iam_Bremen?

Well, first of all we got to know a lot more people from Bremen and their lives in the city. Every single curator highlighted new aspects of the city we all love so much. Go and have a look at our list of wonderful curators and follow them on Twitter if you like.

Second, being admin of a rotation curation account opened new doors. To promote the project we were sending out some press releases and ended up on television and as speaker at republica 2013 – Germany’s biggest conference on web topics. This was pretty exciting and quite a surprise. We’ll remember these things when we now move on to our new projects.

Thank you all for reading, following and supporting @Iam_Bremen!

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish 🙂

Keep following us on Twitter! Your admins @carolinhinz and @jplusgo


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The final Post for this week

So, the 4th week of this project comes to an end and I will hand over the @iam_bremen twitter account to the next curator @nickjans.

It was indeed a nice experience. I felt responsible for showing some more interesting sides of my beloved city. So I hope you liked what I showed you and maybe you follow my normal account @mcreim. Thanks to @carolinhinz for giving my this opportunity.

See you somewhere in Bremen.



Panoramic view of the river Weser photographed in Woltermershausen.

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At the “Tatort” set

Bremen is not know for being a city where many movies are filmed. So it is always nice to have the Tatort-Crew in the city. Yesterday and today the team was shooting the latest episode of the german tv serries Tatort at the Bremer Rathaus.

Since I’m Bremen this week (;-) ) I considered this a good opportunity for making some photos of the “obere Rathaushalle” which is normally used for official representation means. Now the Tatort-Crew has taken over most parts of the building which is on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Series.

Here are some of the pictures I took today around lunch time. Most of the people in the background were there standing at the tables for about three hours. The temperature in the hall was 25 degrees. In other words it was very hot. But the team and the actors where very nice and so several other reporters and I had the chance to make some good pictures.

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Flying Ar.Drone in the park

One of my hobbies is to fly quadcopters like the Parrot AR.Drone.

I have to of them. One AR.Drone 1.0 and one AR.Drone 2.0. Flying these is normally a peace of cake. You can control them via iPhone or Android. I build an RC-Remote for the 1.0 Drone. So I can use a normal RC-Controller to fly it.

This time something is wrong with the AR.Drone 1.0 so I just can fly the 2.0. A friend of mine (Sebi) joined me this evening and we just did a little bit of flying at the “Wallanlagen” which are not far away from my home. Not much wind and temperatures of about 22 degrees are perfect for that. I did some high climbing with the drone.

You can see here some of the pictures I took with the on board cam as well with my camcorder.

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Top of the Bamberger

Just a few years ago the once famous Bamberger-Building was reconstructed. It now has his tower back. The “Bamberger Kaufhaus” was famous in the early years of the last century and known for having the first escalator in Germany. And the building was the highest in Bremen. And the first high rise building at all in our city.

The Bamberger was bombed during world war two and the tower has not been rebuild till the early years of the 21st century. The whole story about the building and his former owner Julius Bamberger can be found at wikipedia.


Nowadays the VHS public school and a supermarket are situated in the building.

The top of the Bamberger is free to the public and has a wonderful view over the city. You can reach it by elevator. Just take the 9th floor. Here are some pictures I took today:

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Week 3: A look back

Well, that’s it, that’s all, folks. My time is up. I really enjoyed my week as a curator of @Iam_Bremen. It was fun to take other people on a tour through “my city”, i.e. how I experience the city of Bremen. I took some pictures and translated some of my tweets and retweets for our international followers. I hope you enjoyed this week as well. Assuming, you’d like to be part of @Iam_Bremen as well, please get in touch with @carolinhinz or @jplusgo, our very committed administrators.