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It’s over!

52 weeks or one year is quite a long time. When we started our rotation curation project back in July 2012 we thought it would never end. The first curators were easily found and we had a big network of Bremen tweeps supporting us. But after nearly six months it got harder and harder to find and motivate new curators. It’s almost a wonder that throughout all this time our account’s been without a curator only once. The neverending and exhausting search for a new curator each week is the main reason for us to end this project after one year. Even though we had a lot of fun being admins of this account, time has come to look forward and spend more time with new projects.

So, what did we learn from @Iam_Bremen?

Well, first of all we got to know a lot more people from Bremen and their lives in the city. Every single curator highlighted new aspects of the city we all love so much. Go and have a look at our list of wonderful curators and follow them on Twitter if you like.

Second, being admin of a rotation curation account opened new doors. To promote the project we were sending out some press releases and ended up on television and as speaker at republica 2013 – Germany’s biggest conference on web topics. This was pretty exciting and quite a surprise. We’ll remember these things when we now move on to our new projects.

Thank you all for reading, following and supporting @Iam_Bremen!

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish 🙂

Keep following us on Twitter! Your admins @carolinhinz and @jplusgo


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3rd real-life meeting: Socialbar Bremen

You want to know what this is all about? You want to hear about previous curators experiences? You just want to have a drink in nice atmosphere?

Then join us at Socialbar Bremen‘s next meeting:

January 3 2013, 7pm, at Bürgerhaus Weserterassen.

We will give a short introduction into the project and answer your questions. Come along!

Update: Unfortunately, the Socialbar had to be skipped. But as soon as we have further information we will inform you about the new date.

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All curators at a glance

Hey, the project is running quite well.

Now see this list of all curators in an overview. And be always invited to apply for being curator of @Iam_Bremen.

Week 1 – @jplusgo
Week 2 – @susannehayduk
Week 3 – @bkodenkt
Week 4: @mcreim
Week 5: @norbert_hayduk
Week 6: @hermann4000
Week 7: @uwelishes
Week 8: @soenkebusch
Week 9: @domoszal
Week 10: @moritz89
Week 11: @t_bbo_
Week 12: @pfefferminzkeks
Week 13: @nichaase
Week 14: @blogland_bremen
Week 15: @elibbremen
Week 16: @junk_f
Week 17: @nordfischbaby and @stadtmusikantin
Week 18: @neous
Week 19: @carolinhinz
Week 20: @placetogo
Week 21: @hilope
Week 22: @freakkearf
Week 23: @duigooo
Week 24: @UniBremen
Week 25: @rowe316
Week 26: @m1cha
Week 27: You?

Last updated: January 2 2013

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2nd real-life meeting – come and join us!

Hey there,

the first 10 weeks are over. How did it go so far? Who will be our next curators?

If you want to know more about the project and get to know the faces behind @Iam_Bremen in real-life join us the following wednesday: October 10, starting from 6pm, in Schlachthof Kneipe.

To join us you can sign up here or just come along. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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Meet our first curators

We had a very succesful kick-off meeting yesterday. Now, we can tell you who will be our first curators:

Week 1 – 30 july to 5 august – @jplusgo – The wonderful Jan will also be my co-admin from now on.
Week 2 – 6 august to 12 august – @susannehayduk
Week 3 – 13 august to 19 august – @bkodenkt

They will introduce themselves when it’s their turn to tell you about Bremen.

And if you ever wondered who is hosting this page and account: You can follow me as @carolinhinz. Some day, I will also curate one week and then introduce myself properly. So far, be happy to get to know our wonderful curators 😉

And yes, applications are always welcome. So, join our team!