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Week 48 – @keialein (Kerstin)

Who are you and what are you doing in Bremen?

Hi, my name is Kerstin! I am 53, so maybe the oldest curator we ever had? I work in Bremen but live outside of the City. That’s what we call a Butenbremer. Please excuse my English, it’s a bit rusty as I am 😉Image

What’s your Twitter account?

I am tweeting as @keialein for already 4 years now.

Are you originally from Bremen? If not, what’s your story?

I was born in Osnabrück (last city of lower saxony). My family moved to Delmenhorst when I was 1 year old. I am living in Delmenhorst, only 700 metres away from Bremen city limits, I am working there and I love the city very much. 

What do you like most of Bremen?

Bremen ist a nice litle big city. Clean, lots of nature and water around and a wonderfull historic district.

What’s your favourite place in Bremen?

– Schlachte (the border of River Weser)

– the parks and lakes around

– Schnoor (medival quarter)


What’s your top 5 list of things to do in Bremen?

  • cycling
  • geocaching
  • visit the Bremen Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market)
  • walking through the city like a tourist
  • enjoying a ship’s voyage from Bremen to Bremerhaven (we will do next sunday)