Location Rotation Curation

It’s over!

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52 weeks or one year is quite a long time. When we started our rotation curation project back in July 2012 we thought it would never end. The first curators were easily found and we had a big network of Bremen tweeps supporting us. But after nearly six months it got harder and harder to find and motivate new curators. It’s almost a wonder that throughout all this time our account’s been without a curator only once. The neverending and exhausting search for a new curator each week is the main reason for us to end this project after one year. Even though we had a lot of fun being admins of this account, time has come to look forward and spend more time with new projects.

So, what did we learn from @Iam_Bremen?

Well, first of all we got to know a lot more people from Bremen and their lives in the city. Every single curator highlighted new aspects of the city we all love so much. Go and have a look at our list of wonderful curators and follow them on Twitter if you like.

Second, being admin of a rotation curation account opened new doors. To promote the project we were sending out some press releases and ended up on television and as speaker at republica 2013 – Germany’s biggest conference on web topics. This was pretty exciting and quite a surprise. We’ll remember these things when we now move on to our new projects.

Thank you all for reading, following and supporting @Iam_Bremen!

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish 🙂

Keep following us on Twitter! Your admins @carolinhinz and @jplusgo


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