Location Rotation Curation

Week 51: @plutik (Petr)

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Who are you and what are you doing in Bremen?

Hi, i am Petr. I am 24 years old and currently studying Maritime Technologies in Bremerhaven (better described as engineering stuff with open waters).
In the free time i am a member of the german lifeguard association (or DLRG), playing classical guitar, politically active and visit some concerts =)

What’s your Twitter account?

You can find me as @plutik.

Are you originally from Bremen? If not, what’s your story?

No, i am from Sankt-Petersburg and moved very early to Bremen since a lot of the international shipping companies prefer this location. I love both of the city’s and their maritime connections. Both are unique in their own ways, and have a lot to offer.

But i spent at least half of my life here, and its for sure: big port-citys are a nice place to stay, but Bremen is a great place to live =)

What do you like most of Bremen?

The size, the location, the weather, the river, the open-minded people, the richness of public culture and educational possibilities…
…but to go anywhere only by bike is just awesome.

What’s your favourite place in Bremen?

To your surprise, it’s not the “Viertel”. It’s the Weser.
There are a lot of nice, quite and hidden places around this river. Go running around the “Weserdeich” in the misty morning, jump into the “Werdersee” on hot middays, chill out at “Werftinsel” after a shopping trip, grab a beer at the “Schlachte” in the night. Or hoist the sails and take a boat to Bremerhaven!

What’s your top 5 list of things to do in Bremen?

1. Visit a concert at the Lagerhaus, Schlachthof or Römer.
2. Go surfing at the northsea directly after an early lecture and a coffee at the StuCa.
3. Grab a drink at the “Furchtbar”
4. Run along the Ochtum river or the Weser in search of #ingress portals or new locations.
5. Or just stay near home in Grolland and annoy anyone around me with my guitar.


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