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Week 49: @biancaschroeter (Bianca)

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Picture of Bianca

Picture of Bianca

Who are you and what are you doing in Bremen?

Hi, my name is Bianca, I’m an English teacher, mainly adult teaching, VHS and so, and a portrait painter. I found my homebase in Bremen-Findorff and couldn’t be happier here. The roof terrace helps, too.

What’s your Twitter account?

I am @biancaschroeter. I have an impressive count of what, 15 tweets? Am a total newbee and immensely enjoying it.

Are you originally from Bremen? If not, what’s your story?

I was raised down south, close to Aschaffenburg and grew up with Germans and Americans. Spent some time in the States, France, Cologne, Ruhr area and finally ended up here in the beautiful north. Dabbled in history and American Studies at university, became a professional tattooer, portrait painter, city guide and finally English teacher. I mainly teach at the Bremen Volkshochschule – great place, go and check us out!

What do you like most of Bremen?

First time I visited Bremen I was so surprised how lively and colorful this little city is. Everybody seems to know everybody and people are remarkably tolerant and open towards strangers. Once you get used to translating “Och, nech” into the longer sentences of other German regions the people here are most elaborate. Bremen has been kind to me.

What’s your favourite place in Bremen?

  • Findorff, the market, Hemmstrasse, Torfkanal, Bürgerpark
  • Sure, The Viertel and Osterdeich
  • The “Wallanlagen” with those remarkable, beautiful old trees in the middle of the city

What’s your top 5 list of things to do in Bremen?

  1. Check out nice aerial view across Bremen from the roof terrace of the Bamberger building, Faulenstrasse; it’s on the 10th floor and for free
  2. Little round of drinks starting at Bermudadreieck, maybe dabble a bit at having a “Krabbeldiewandnuff” at Eisen and maybe finish off with some dancing at Tower
  3. Saturday morning at Findorff market, have the second coffee of the day, try a “Fischbroetchen” for first breakfast, buy cheese and olives, maybe enjoy a bit of Turkish pastry, get flowers and/or herbs and take bike back home – after talking to everybody you know.
  4. Scaring tourists in the evening when everything is quiet by dropping a coin in the “Bremer Loch” close to the town hall.
  5. Teerhof, gotta get your modern art fix somewhere; beautiful building, too.

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