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Week 31: @thieyoshin (Sebastian Grüß)

Born in Bremen, I grew up in a small Town called “Osterholz-Scharmbeck” alongisde of Bremen. I went to School, and the “Obernstraße” was like “L.A. Downtown” for me when i was young. There were times I couldn’t even think of how versatile this city was….

Studying Comp. Sci., I finally moved back here. I wouldn’t say that I don’t want to see the world some time, but Bremen will always be my homeport.

Now, being 25, most of the sights and features of Bremen are quite known to me, but there are still some hidden places to discover… believe me. This town has it’s secrets. Some of them you’ll probably never find. As a Pizza-deliverer I saw some spots you will never see…

My twitter is @thieyoshin, as i am a HB-Pirate. IRL, I am Sebastian G. living in Schwachhausen, near University Bremen.


Now why do I like Bremen that much?

As already said, I am born here. Several bonds takes it’s place. I love being here because Bremen is small enough to be somewhat familiar, and suprisingly big enough for being anonymous, having it’s Central Station and all the people occasionally visiting us from the villages of lower saxony around us.

My favorite places are the Schlachte, the Viertel and the University complex. But I recommend you to (at night!)… just drive around the place. Beginning north from Vegesack to Gröpelingen, visiting the Freihäfen and Walle, slowly entering the City Centre… all streets colored black and yellow by the street lights… from this point i”ll leave you by yourself, with just two things: a picture – and the thought that there is so much more to see. Neustadt, Hemelingen, even the feelings…

See you soon. S.



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Week 29: @textkoch (Timo Thalmann)


Who are you and what are you doing in Bremen?

Hello everybody. My name is Timo Thalmann, I am 45 years old and I am working as a freelancer in PR and consulting. I started my career with 17, writing articles for Weser-Kurier, the local Bremen newspaper. Now my clients are mostly IT- and engineering-companies, concentrating on surverying, mapping and GIS. I studied geography and worked for some special-interest-papers about geospatial industrie before becoming a freelancer. No surprising that I do geocaching sometimes. I like cooking, eating, my wife, my 23-year-old son – and coffee.

What’s your Twitter account?

@textkoch, which means „textcook“ and this describes exactly, what I am doing most of my time and also right now: cooking texts.

Are you originally from Bremen? If not, what’s your story?

I was born in Delmenhorst, a litte neighbour-town of Bremen. So I spend a lot of time in Bremens nightlife when I was young. But I studied in Oldenburg and afterwards I went to Hamburg as a PR-Trainee, working für Lufthansa and Airbus and then till 2009 to Cologne, working für a publishing-company. In 2009 me and my wife (she was orginally born in Bremen) come back to Bremen, my son prefered to stay in Cologne.

What do you like most of Bremen?

Bremen is the biggest smalltown or the smallest metropol in Germany. Everything is nearby, you can do most things with the bycicle, but with the urban feeling of a cultural and political capital.

What’s your favourite place in Bremen?

Sitting in the front of my office in Bremen-Findorff and watching the people, then walking a few meters and get a coffee in the confiserie next to the office. I like shopping on Findorff-market three times a week, where you can get everything that can grow: Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables and all kind of animals (of course ready for cooking). An there is the best coffee in town at „Espresso-Mobil“. And I like shopping in the city, especially when you can rest for a coffee. There are a few quit good places for Capuccino and Co there. Well, did I mention, that I like coffee at all? With all the coffee-companies around here, Bremen is obviously the place to be.

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Week 28: @housetier84 (Andreas) & @JKR_hb (Jan)

Who are you and what are you doing in Bremen?     

Andreas: Hi! I’m Andreas and I’m 28 years old. I’m studying sociology. I am also a member of the pirate party like Jan. I am also interested in photography, art, music and traveling. I am Couchsurfer so i let people sleep on my couch and if i travel i sleep by others, also I am member of “viva con agua” a NGO which collect deposit cups on concerts for  projects in the thrid world.

Jan: Hey! My name is Jan, I’m 22 years old and studying political science the University of Bremen. As my field of study suggests I am very interested in politics (which led to my involvement in the local pirate party) and enjoy different kinds of music and the wide variety of pubs in the “Viertel”.

What’s your Twitter account?

Andreas: @housetier84

Jan: @jkr_hb

Are you originally from Bremen? If not, what’s your story?

Andreas: I was born in Wolfen/Bitterfeld and grew up in Dessau, both in Saxony-Anhalt. Very far in the east of Germany. In 2001 I moved to Wilhelmshaven which is very close to Bremen and after my professional education I joined the navy and visted a lot of the world with them. Since june I study in Bremen and live in the “Viertel”.

Jan: I was born in the surroundings of Bremen, in a smaller town called Achim. I’m now living for three years in Bremen, did “civilian service” here in 2010/2011 and in 2011 I began studying. After switching from a not so good choice as a field study – economics – I think I finally made the right decision in regards of my academic “career” 😉

What do you like most of Bremen?

Andreas: I like Bremen and i called my small Berlin. Here is a nice alternative culture with the “Viertel” and the Neustadt. Here are 5 universities and so many young people from all over the world. I like also the river “Weser” and that it is so close to the sea.

Jan: As some – more or less – famous person stated once: Bremen is the biggest small town in Germany 😉 And that’s exactly what I like about Bremen: It combines both the advantages of a big and a small city, has some great places to enjoy your time at and features very nice people and this special ‘maritime’ flair 🙂

What’s your favourite place in Bremen?Andreas: I like the Viertel because I live there and you can always find something new there. I like the area close around Bremen with the beautiful nature and so many nice spots to make some photos. I like to lie close to the river in the summer and the many bars in Bremen.

Jan: The center of city with the market place with the historic buildings there and the famous riverside promenade ‘Schlachte’, the ‘Neustadt’ and the ‘Viertel’ with grandiose pubs and clubs (the ‘Römer’ with weekly karaoke sessions for example ;)) and to some point even the University with its vintage ‘plattenbau’ architectural stlye.