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Week 18: @neous (Janina)

Who are you and what are you doing in Bremen?

Hey, I’m Janina, I am 28 years old and I work as a postdoctoral research fellow and lecturer at Bremen University. After 3 years of writing my PhD in linguistics and film analysis in Bremen, I now give classes in German and interdisciplinary linguistics at the Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Science. I also work in a project on film, emotion and affect.

What’s your Twitter account?

My private account is @neous.
Sometimes, I also tweet for @linguisten.

Are you originally from Bremen? If not, what’s your story?

No, I’m not. I am originally from a small town near the Dutch border in the deep, deep west of Germany – not Bochum, but Bocholt. I grew up there and then went to Münster where I studied Linguistics, German and French Philology. In 2008, I got a sholarship for writing my PhD in Bremen in a doctoral group called “Textuality of Film“. From then on, I stayed in Bremen and came to love that town.

What do you like most of Bremen?

It is actually the closeness to the sea, its “northiness” and the people behaving “northily”. For a girl from the west (the deep west) it was quite strange not to get a ‘good morning’ when buying some bread in the morning, but to hear a ‘moin’ in the evening. I slowly got used to the rather reserved friendliness, but now really prefer it to the intrusive courtesy of the Rhineland people, for example.

What’s your favourite place in Bremen?

I just moved from a very small flat in the Neue Vahr Süd, where Sven Regener used to live, to a lovely place in Findorff and I think the Bürgerpark will be my new place to be – especially with all the autumn leaves now… And I just got to know: the Findorff market (on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) is absolutely great, too!
To admit, besides, Bremen University is not that beautiful and I am still longing for Münster’s University buildings, but my job is here in Bremen and I do like it very much, so I also enjoy being there and living the University life. That’s also what I will mostly be twittering about in the next few days.

What’s your top 5 list of things to do in Bremen?

1. Visit the Findorff market on Saturday, buy some noodles at the Nudelei and fresh fruits from around Bremen.

2. Visit the flea market at the Bürgerweide in summer and find books and some extraordinary stuff you don’t find anywhere else.

3. Go to one of the small cinemas, the Bremer Filmkunsttheater, and watch a movie in its original version.

4. Visit the Schlachte both in summer (and then drink a cocktail outside) as well as in winter (and find the medieval market there with a lovely sea of lights in the dark).

5. Coming back home from a trip out of town and smell the Jacob’s aroma and the Weser when driving down the motorway.

More information about me and my job:



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Week 17: @stadtmusikantin + @nordfischbaby (Nina & Jaisha)

Nina is jumping

About Nina (written by Jaisha):
She is 29 and her favourite colour this season is pumpkin. With the help of Nina I realized, that Buxtehude does exist. And so do “Taxi Busses”.

Nina is an exceptionally cheerful nature and she is not able to relax until everyone else around her is happy too.

Every once in a while she is baking yummy stuff for us. And when she is in the mood, special wishes will be fulfilled. That is why she baked an awesome chocolate-dipped squirrel shaped cookie for my mum and Slayer-Cookies for our colleagues.

She is the only girl I know, who ever prepared a wild pig roast.
Regarding this fact, there is ONE more thing, you should definetely know:
To turn Nina into a one of a kind sexy kitchen domina, you just need three things:
a pair of nerdy glasses (window glass), an apron and heaps of cookies.
(Don’t tell me I haven’t warned you!).

Till last summer she was on a one-year-worldtrip with her awesomely funny soulmate Florian. They travelled through Asia, Oceania and America. The great wall in china was the place, where Florian made her the proposal (they later drank two cans of chinese beer to celebrate the special moment – I loved the idea!). New York was the city where they got married in a fantastic ceremony in Central Park –
where I luckily was one of the wedding guests 😉

We worked together as online journalists for http://www.bremen.de and since she came back from her big trip, we both became part of construktiv’s social media unit. We love to share our time, moments and thoughts – online and offline.
Boring days turn into funky-special episodes when we are unified:
you’ll find us having a tasty drink, not stopping to laugh, preparing to do “power-shopping” (little money, no time but hundreds of ideas) or going to the movies, to watch a turkish film with english subtitles.

Besides the fact that I am totally jealous of her coral nail polish named “pimp my shrimp”,
is there something better than having an awesome colleague and a best friend in one person?!

Jaisha in the sunshineAbout Jaisha (written by Nina):
So, who is this girl with this extraordinary name? By the way, her mother had a dream about naming her Jaisha, and so she did 🙂

Jaisha is 29 and loves sneakers, glitter, unicorns and flavors everything in her life with a little lemon 🙂

I met her at my first day at work and since we drove back home on our bicycles we became the best friends and colleagues at the same time.
Jaisha is colorful, inspiring, creative and full of ❤

She has a beautiful single speed bike called “Minzbaby” and together they are exploring the streets of Bremen – So maybe you’ve seen her already?

Jaisha introduced me into her veggie world and showed me avocados, tofu sausages and much more special Jaisha-food (Did you know that grapefruits are helping if you have a headache?).

One more food fact about Jaisha & chocolate bars: Well, just offer her one and you’ll find out 🙂 Oh, and be careful if she mentions a lottery scratch card – There’s no way back!

We’ve been working together for more than two years for http://www.bremen.de and this is also where she infected me with her passion for social media. As I was going to spen one year abroad we were always dreaming about working in the same office again or even build our own business (Miljö was one of our famous projects 😉 ) And as fate calls, we are now both working in construktiv’s social media unit – The perfect reunion ❤


You can find Nina here:

You can find Jaisha here:


Week 16: @junk_f (Florian)

Who are you and what are you doing in Bremen?

Hello, my name is Florian and I’m 27 years old. I work as a freelance photographer and social media editor. Beside my creative studio wood-gnome I also run the blog funkjunge.

What’s your Twitter account?

You can follow me at @junk_f. Beside that you can also have a look at @_woodgnome and @funkjunge.

Are you originally from Bremen? If not, what’s your story?

Originally I’m from a small city near cologne. The region I come from is inter alia famous because of Heiner Brand and a city with one of Germany’s most famous “Weihnachtspostamt”. I moved to Bremen in 2010 for an internship and stayed here for studying and work.

What do you like most about Bremen?

There are several things I really like. I’m much into sports, therefor I like to run through the Bürgerpark or around the Weser. The tracks offer many places of interest and are well-tended. You’re also able to drive to the North or Baltic sea for surfing or to have a look at the Harz mountains for wintersports. Beside that the city offers a lot of cultural sights you must have a look at.

What’s your favourite place in Bremen?

That’s a difficult question. If you want to have a personal recommendation for a good restaurant, bar, spot or something else just text me.

What’s your top 5 list of things to do in Bremen?

1. Also if you’re not a fan of the Werder Bremen soccer team I recommend to attend their home games. The atmosphere and the stadium are wonderful.
2. Grab a coffee and a bagel at the coffee corner and go for a walk at the Weser.
3. Bremen isn’t only the Viertel or the town musicians. Rent a bike and go for a bike ride. Bremen offers a lot of nature and within fifteen minutes you think you’re in a quaint village.
4. It’s finally getting cold so why don’t make a “Kohltour”?
5. Have a look at the Hachez store.

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Week 15: @elibbremen (Rachel, Claudia, Heike, Anke, Martin)

Who are you and what are you doing in Bremen?

We are a bunch of 5 enthusiasts from the State and University Library in Bremen: Rachel, Claudia, Heike, Anke and Martin. We all work in different departments. Heike is the only one originally from Bremen.

What’s your Twitter account?


Are you originally from Bremen? If not, what’s your story?

As mentioned above Heike is the only genuine “Bremerin” who was born and bred in Bremen – the rest of us come from different parts of Germany. Our workplace at the outskirts of Bremen is our common denominator.

What do you like most about Bremen?

It is a cute hanseatic city with a very northern flair – Lots of water (the river Weser and also the much smaller but picturesque river Wuemme), lots fresh air as well but we could sometimes do without the rain 🙂

What’s your favourite place in Bremen?

Our library of course – because we wouldn’t have met without it and because it’s a fab place to be 😉

Difficult to say because we all favour different places … the Blockland and Dammsiel, the Buergerpark, the “Viertel” with all its cafés, pubs and cinemas, Café Radieschen on the other side of the Weser –  to name just a few

What’s your top 5 list of things to do in Bremen?

  • Taking a leisurely walk through the Bürgerpark – enjoying  the Lyrischer Pfad and having a nice cup of coffee at the Café am Emmasee or the Meierei
  • Watching a play at the Shakespeare Company
  • Attending a concert of the University Choir Bremen
  • Sunbathing at the Unisee (preferably not this time of the year though)
  • Touching the donkey’s leg (of the Bremen Town Musicians) for good luck!